Thursday, December 6, 2012

White Man Dating Black Woman – 3 Tips For Successful Interracial Dating

OK, here it is – I have some real useful information for a white man dating black woman.  I am not talking about just any old date with a black woman.  I am talking about the most beautiful African American woman.

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white man dating black woman

Right, my plan, for a white man dating black woman, is to lay out some simple techniques that will empower you with the skills to get the attention you deserve from the hottest black woman and really win in dating.  These techniques will be broken down in three steps.

Here are the tips:Finding Singles

1) Stand Out From The Crowd:  The first thing you need to do as a white man dating black woman is make sure you stand out.  You see the issue is the hottest black women get a lot of looks.  They know they are hot! So do not just be another wolf whistling clown!

So what do I mean? Well if you are shouting out to her and boring her with the predictable lines you are finished, period! So instead of the male ego, show her you are real man with a sincere heart.  Approach her and just be a real white man dating black woman.

2) Tell Her What She Wants To Hear:  Once you have shown that you are different, now you compliment her on how good she looks.  She will be more receptive now that you have broken the initial barrier, are you with me?

Do not over do it though with the typical white man dating black woman zeal, just a few subtle compliments to make her feel stunning.

3) Tell Her You Will Be Taking Her Out:  Now that you have passed the first few crucial tests for a white man dating black woman, you need to step up to the next level.  You need to show here you can be confident and assertive.  Instead of begging her for a date, tell her you will be taking her out next week.

What do I mean by that? Well, it is simple.  Stunning black women have the pick of the bunch.  This means that they are in high demand.  With that comes hard work simply because they can afford to be picky and choose the best white man dating black woman prospect.  Believe me if you had women chasing you on a daily basis, even you would get sick of it!  Are you with me?

The only way to stand a remote chance of dating stunning Ebony women is to do something different from the rest.  You need to make her feel that there is something unique about you.  With that in mind, here is a bonus tip to help you achieve that:

Bonus Tip) Black Woman In Distress Technique:

This is a sneaky little trick that just works.  It is a bit childish to be perfectly honest, but who cares! The main thing is that you want to get a sexy black woman and stand out from the crowd.  Basically you get one of your friends to help you.  He needs to approach a great looking African American woman on your behalf.  However he is going to do everything wrong.  What do I mean? Well he is going to act like a nerd and make life easier for you.

All you need to do is approach them and intervene.  Tell him to get lost and ask the lady if she’s OK.  Now you have won major points in her mind and you have not approached her like any other.  You just have to relax and be yourself from now on, the hard work is all done.

Trust me she will love your confidence and leadership.  All you need to do now as a white man dating black woman,  is be yourself on the date because all the hard work has been done.

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