Thursday, November 29, 2012

What do Black Women want from a relationship?

Dating black woman

When it comes to relationships everyone has a different opinion about what they want from someone else.

As a Black Woman, do you really know what you want from someone when it comes to a relationship?

If you ask different Black Women about what she wants from a man depending on her age and where she is in her life most women want a man who will love, honor and respect her. They would like a man who will not disrupt her life but enhance it, a man who knows who is and who wants to be in a relationship with her.

When it comes to the male to female ratio there are more single black women available and ready to date than there are Black Men.

There are some Black Women who are willing to date outside of their race. Race is not a factor if a man is worthy of her time. There is nothing wrong with a woman who understands her value and what she can bring to a relationship. A woman has to know her self worth in order to attract someone who is worthy no matter what race he is.

As a Black Woman, what are you looking for from a relationship? Are you willing to date outside of your race? What do you feel are some of the challenges of dating today?

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