Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Meet Black Women - Are You Looking For A Sexy Black Woman?

dating sexy black woman

If you're a black guy you probably meet plenty of black women, just through family. Thank goodness, with each new generation integration in most western countries is getting easier, more natural, in fact it isn't even integration any more, kids truly are colour blind unless they have parents with racist attitudes. You may fancy and want to meet black women, but aside from the fact you find their skin tone and features attractive, you should be colour blind too. However, if you're a white guy who's attracted to and particularly wanting to meet black women you might find it a little harder to hook up if you don't come into contact so very much.

Be you black or white, the easiest route to meet people of a particular ethnicity is internet dating. There are specialist sites for men wanting to meet black women and black women seeking white guys, although it's more natural in my view to go through one of the major non specific dating sites and simply message the women your interested in. Ethnicity is usually stated in the profile and generally there will be a picture. I would recommend only contacting people willing to put their picture up.

In my experience there's no difference chatting up a black or a white woman, so the same considerations apply. Be natural, and friendly, be tactile, let them know you fancy them, have a laugh if possible. Find out about them, their interests. You may want to talk about their roots but many black women in the UK are second, third, fourth generation or more and in the USA their roots may go back significantly further. You may not mean to condescend but avoid any suggestion you've assumed they're not British for example on the basis of colour. There is a risk of accidentally sounding insulting or insensitive and as a general rule it's good not to make assumptions about anyone, especially if you're flirting!

It is interesting however that in the USA many people are happy to identify themselves by their ancestry. It's not so unusual to hear someone say I'm German American or Italian American, but in the case of black families that have been in the country since the 1700s they may not know their exact roots so tread carefully. Many will of course consider themselves African American even if they don't know where exactly their roots lie, but these days many will know, either from research or because their families relocated more recently.

There really isn't a them and us scenario any more, if you think there is then don't try to foster a relationship with a black woman, you're not ready for it. Personally I find some black women attractive and some not, which is exactly the way I feel about white women there is no difference. Not that it matters if you only find black women attractive, that's fine, just don't regard them as a group apart they're really interested in the same things white girls are, they're educated, sexy and fun in most cases, so go out and meet black women and enjoy their company and talents.

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