Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Is interracial dating in Minnesota really one-sided?

“A black woman wonders: What’s up with the Minnesota dating game?”

This was a headline for an article written 3 years ago. And the woman is still wondering…

This woman is concerned about couples comprising black men and white women being so predominant. Many black men in Minnesota are not dating or marrying black women. And according to her, men of other races don’t seem interested in black women, either.

Here is some census data involving blacks:

Among married black men in Minnesota, 44 percent have wives who are not black; among married black women in the state, 14 percent have husbands who are not black. Nationally, the figures are 7 percent for men and 3 percent for women.

So this lady asks, “what’s up with this? If 44 percent of married black men in Minnesota are going over to the white side, compared with only 14 percent of married black women, what does this mean?”

This lady has nothing against interracial relationships if they are for the right reasons - compatibility, attraction, similar interests. But she wonders why some black men and white women only date outside their race. So she asks again: “What’s that about? Does it mean a kind of self-hatred, a discomfort around people who look like you?”

To her, these census figures raises some questions: Why is the interracial marriage scenario in Minnesota so one-sided?


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