Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Do white women approach men better than black women?

Do White women approach Black men better than Black women do? One thing that most people believe is that white women are more aggressive when it comes to letting a man know they’re interested. How is this so?

Apparently, white women have perfected the art of making the first move. Remember Big Mamas and how they taught younger generations of Black women that it’s unladylike to go after a man? Correct me if I am wrong… White women don’t have Big Mamas so they are like baracudas when it some to getting their man. The thing with white women is that when they think they like some guy, no time is wasted. She will be all up in his face, to get his attention.

Well, I find it to be a major turn on when a woman leaves the guesswork out of who likes who. On the other hand when a Black woman likes a dude, she telepathically sends him a message (you know how we men are pathetic with reading-between-the-lines kind of messages… we almost never get them).

Most Black men I have had the chance to talk to say that when they talk to a White woman, in the first five minutes, they can tell that she’s looking for a man and if she’s interested in him. But when a brother talks to a Black woman, in the first five minutes he discovers that she’s looking for a certain kind of man. Get the difference?

I must admit that we all have standards we have to live up to. Much as there are white women that have a rep of scouting out talented black athletes, there are some White women who give a Black man a chance that Black women wouldn’t give a second look. How many times have you seen an interracial couple walking hand in hand and you said. “She can have him”?

Most of my Black female friends don’t like the sight of a good looking brother at a club with a White woman. So why this obsession with the outwards as opposed to the inside? Its important when at a social gathering, to have a good time and take the initiative to meet two new people before they go home. Black guys do it. White girls definitely do it.

Much as Big mama said it aint right, that shouldn’t hold us back from being polite to someone new, even when we’re not interested. You never know, that person could later introduce you to someone who may introduce you to another someone. And just coz you have made the first move doesn’t make you a slut. It shows confidence and how you got your sh** together.

I think one thing we all have to realize is that love is out there. Stop looking for it in the wrong places. Stop looking for the picture perfect dude. White women are not out to swipe the whole entire community of Black men. Maybe they are just looking for love in all the right places. Enough with the judging. Don’t let love pass you right under your nose. Who knows, I could be your Mr. Right.

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