Sunday, March 2, 2008

Modern take on interracial dating

The year is 2008. People have been through varying times in mankind's history. Yet, there still seems to be a problem with what people define as, quote unquote, interracial dating.

Many wars have been fought for all the wrong reasons. Now they have become internal struggles. A struggle against feelings and emotions.

Virtues and characteristics change from one to the next. And not one person could help what their favorite color is or a particular food within their palate.

So why do some turn away from their distinct feelings and emotions toward another?

The question is simple, yet complex at the same time. Your answer might be your friends would not approve of that relationship. The other factor is the approval of your family.

There is one determined fault in any of this reasoning; We put too much faith in what others consider to be righteous.

But the final truth in "the pursuit of happiness" is finding one's own pleasure, seeking out contentment without the justification of others.

This mantra should be a personal lesson to all, "first me, then and only you."

If you can not find happiness or success within yourself, you will never make anyone live in agreement with your choices.

It has been almost 60 years since the heralded Brown v. Topeka Board of Education, a civil suit brought to the Supreme Court seeking justice and equality among the many races and nationalities of this country.

With the defining victory, many doors opened toward a new day of understanding. But it seems some of the ignorance still remains embedded into our society.

Man can be an evil beast, especially to those that they love.

We have been involved in a long-standing relationship for the past 10 months.

Looking from the outside-in, people would immediately discern that we are a black and white couple, judging purely by skin color alone.

Through a family of deep roots, we could never be classified as simply black, African-American, white or Caucasian.

Over many generations, our families have migrated from numerous nations in Europe, Africa and South America.

Growing up in different lifestyles, we found similarities within each other that have led us to find a new existence and meaning.

It has become apparent people have an inability to be open-minded to new things, especially interracial relationships.

In our experience of dating another race, the family of the female provides the majority of the hardship in an attempt at finding acceptance.

The suggestion is to take the easier path.

As human beings, we are given an option to make and choose our own destiny.

The toughest aspect of making a decision is choosing to make that decision.

And the easiest manner in making a choice is choosing to stand idle, which constitutes no choice at all.

The preference to commitment is a choice-obligation that seems to be an election to another individual's choice.

This happens to be the difference in an interracial relationship, excelling in a nontraditional lifestyle.

We will forever be faced with opposition from outside parties.

Taking notice to outside forces can hinder the prospects of your relationship, may you be black, white, blue or grey.

Paying no attention to the devices of society and what is deemed acceptable should warrant the approval of your peers.

The major contradiction from the outside world is an interracial relationship has dissimilarities from any other relationship.

There is no difference, except to those that remain separate or excluded by the choice of those partners sharing a relationship.

If we as a couple continue to focus on our own goals and aspirations for ourselves and one another, our relationship will continue to grow in an extraordinary way.

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