Sunday, December 9, 2007

Primary Relationship:Interracial Couples

Love even trancends racial bounds but that doesn't mean that everyone will be accepting

Few caucasians (whites) have a problem with anyone who would marry a native American, Hispanic, Oriental, or Mid-Easterner. The real problem with those who have racial prejudices is their disdain for anyone who mates with someone who is black. That is, unless it is another black person.

This attitude stems from racial bigotry that has it's roots in slavery. Blacks are still seriously looked down upon by some in our society who have convinced themselves that they are somehow superior. As a result, the idea of a white being in a romantic relationship with a black is enough to make them go ballistic. Their narrow minds find it impossible to understand that true love knows no bounds.

The good news is that younger people are less apt to be as bigoted. Despite the news coverage given those who have been caught up in the Neo-Nazi movement, more young adults than ever accept those in interracial relationships and may even be involved in one themselves. Not only that, but the old argument that the offspring of such relationships will not be accepted by either race has been disproven. Those who have multiracial heritages are accepted and some have gone on to become well known sports figures, politicians, actors, major music personalities, and successful business people. Still, there is room to criticize both sides of the racial fence.

There is indeed a double standard in the black community. While men of color are allowed to enter into primary relationships with white women, the reverse is not as acceptable. Black women are expected to consider white men as being the adversary. As a result, those women who enter into loving relationships with white men are both a minority and a little appreciated one as well. It simply isn't done. At least, this is what they are taught and it is also what they are now questioning.

Stevie Wonder's hit song "Ebony and Ivory" seems to be applicable to black-white relationships with the exception being that of black women who love white men. It's a contradiction but one that is very real in the day-to-day experiences of those who fall into this category.

Yet, regardless of this issue, there are definitely natural issues that arise between those who enter into an interracial primary relationship.

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