Sunday, December 9, 2007

Interracial Couples May Meet Four Challenge

The Family Challenge...

There is the problem of each one merging with the other's family. After all, one's immediate family and their acceptance (or lack of it) is important. For a mate to be rejected by relatives due to color, it can be devastating and cause a rift in the relationship. Regardless of how much acceptance there might be, the individual prejudices of family members can wear on a relationship and possibly even destroy it. Interracial couples will need to discuss the possible effects that such a situation might have on their relationship.

The Societal Challenge..

Then there is the tendency of society to disapprove of such relationships. It is a rare workplace where one feels comfortable with introducing a mate who is from another race. Not only that, but there is always that feeling of being noticed by someone when out in public. Interracial couples have to get used to others staring at them and also being able to read lips which obviously disapprove of their presence in a restaurant or other public place. It is also entirely possible that the gaze of others might have something to do with curiousity and even envy. At any rate, it goes with the turf and must be accepted as such.

The "Biracial Child" Challenge...

Another important consideration is that of children who are the offspring of interracial couples. A blue-eyed black or a dark-skinned white may not be accepted by some. Yet, it would seem that biracial children are indeed being more and more accepted. This is partially due to their being well respected within the various political and entertainment industries. Another factor has to do with the changing views of the younger generation. They accept this as being normal and see nothing wrong with it at all. Perhaps those who criticize and condemn the foibles of the young might step back and consider how that they are much more appreciative of multi-racial individuals and even appreciate their expanded experiences having grown up in both cultures.

The Mixed Culture Challenge...

Finally, there is the issue of all of the little nuances of two different types of upbringing. The attitudes, mindsets, and life views of two people from different racial backgrounds can either contribute to the intellectual and experiential growth or they can become wedges that widen any cracks in the relationship that might appear. Wise is the couple who determine early on that they are going to openly discuss their life experiences while remaining open to new thougts and concepts. Hopefully, they will be able to turn their varying backgrounds into yet one more way to demonstrate their love for each other. Instead of emphasizing the differences, using them to enrich and add to one another's world view can be a very positive facet of their relationship.

When all is done and said, it takes two people who truly love each other to overcome what obstacles seem to be before them. As in all relationships, commitment and the determination to make it work will make all the difference in the world.

Whether one is a chocolate shade of brown or a bleached version of whiteness is not the determining factor. As in all primary relationships, it is truly the quality of the love shared between the two that will make the difference between defeat and victory.

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