Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What's race got to do with it?

Alexandria Moore

The success of a man or woman does not determine whom society thinks they should love or who they will love. Love is not a counterpart to fame, so it does not matter how famous someone becomes - they are going to love whoever their heart tells them to.

I've often heard African- American women say that they hate it when a black man becomes famous - he's always quick to run to a Caucasian woman to marry.

They say that he forgets about the sister that stayed with his ass when he had nothing and was a nobody, and they feel that now that he has a little bit of fame and fortune, he wants to kick her to the curb like she never existed. Although this may be true for some, I don't think so.

Now we do have a few brothers that chose to marry someone of a different race once they became successful, but we also have some that stuck to their beautiful black women. I hate to see women get mad over interracial marriages or dating.

Ladies, it is not your business whom that man decides to date or marry. If he feels that a woman of another race is going to love him the way he feels he should be loved, then so be it. Your pouting and raising hell is not going to make him change his mind and leave his wife.

If it does anything, it's going to make you look like another bitchy, angry black woman.
Some African- American women already have that title due to our short temper and quick tongues, so why make it worse by stressing yourself over who that man decided to love?
He's not with you, so why are you so worried about it?

No one ever said that there was a color barrier on love.

I've never known it to be recorded that black men couldn't date white women or black women even couldn't date white men.

Yes, people do get mad when they see a black woman with a white man.

I know someone who refuses to watch a Halle Berry film now because she is pregnant by a white man.

Their argument: "Out of all the successful black men she could have been with, she chooses to get pregnant by a white man."

Well, guess what: you are absolutely right. However, when Berry was with a successful black man, what did he do?

He messed up.

And now that she has moved on with her life and found someone that she loves and wants to be with, it has become a problem that she's not sticking with her people.

They also go on to argue that this is what's wrong with our people - we don't stick together.
I agree that at times our people don't stick together, but that's not what's wrong with us. The thing that's wrong with us is speaking ignorance like this.

Who cares if she decided to be with a white man? Who cares if Cuba Gooding Jr. married a white woman?

It's not and never will be our business. We wouldn't even ever know about it if these people weren't in the limelight.

And it's not just famous people that we judge.

It could be some random person walking down the street with their significant other, and here you are with your nose turned up in disgust, forming opinions of them in your head.

I find it sad for people to still live in the days of racisim and allow their ignorance to prevail over their intelligence. You may not look at it as being racist when you form negative opinions on interracial relationships, but honestly you are racist and that's just ridiculous.

I think that if we stopped judging people based on who they marry and judge them based on who they are, then maybe - just maybe - that person would marry someone of their own race.

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