Monday, November 5, 2007

The Color of Love

Vivian Yun

The Color of Love, an interracial dating forum presented by Alpha Kappa Alpha Incorporated and the Junior Class Council, was held on Nov. 1.

Professor of the school of communication studies Thaddeus Herron led the forum in which he spoke about a variety of different aspects of interracial dating.

Herron showed a 10-minute clip called “The Colors of Love” which reviewed interracial stereotypes and included montages from different movies. In addition, Herron provided a handout about stereotypes concerning interracial dating, a PowerPoint about myths and facts defining interracial dating.

“Intercultural dating is more appreciated,” Herron said, “It’s so much more than the skin color, and culture plays a bigger role than race because we all come from different cultures.”
AKA Chairperson junior Chiquita King thinks that it is important for students to have an open mind about things such as interracial dating.

Herron agreed.

“It’s important to raise awareness about interracial dating,” he said. “Coming to college, we learn more about people and find who we are and those we are attracted to. JMU lacks in diversity and it’s a real issue.”

Students who helped plan the forum seemed excited about having an opportunity for open discussion.

“I think it’s great and it’s what JMU needs,” said President of Alpha Kappa Alpha Incorporated Elizabeth Ogunwo. “There are lots of students who are hesitant to discuss this and when it’s brought to the table, students are able to speak their mind.”

Sophomore Lexi Hutchins agreed.

“My mom encourages me to look outside of my own race and find happiness with whomever I end up with, and it’s very encouraging,” she said, “I liked the forum because there was a more diverse group here and it went well. There was a lot of great input and voice and it’s nice to hear it from different perspectives.”

Junior Crystal Prigmoca disagreed.

“I know that interracial dating exists, but I don’t see it in colors, I just see people,” Prigmoca said, “I don’t date outside of my race because I am human and race is arbitrary. However, I like all of what was presented and it was very educational and a good turn out with interesting topics.”

Senior Victor Gyamfi said it’s important to be tolerant of other cultures.

He said, “We shouldn’t be limited to people of our own culture, but be open to accept the fact that there are different colors of people.”

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