Saturday, October 13, 2007

Love story: A picture-perfect proposal for couple

Suzie Stier-Waletzki

"We started out as best friends," says Marissa Wacek, care manager at Sunrise Cottages. "I was so scared to date him in the fear of losing my best friend."

Wacek met Jason White their first day at Rochester Community and Technical College in August 2004. They were close friends for about a year before they started dating.

"We have known each other for three years," Wacek says.

White, a surgical technician at Olmsted Medical Center, said the two enjoy going to movies, to dinner, swimming, playing games of catch and painting. He also enjoys many things about Wacek.

"I love how she can be 'one of the guys' sometimes and my lover," he says. "Someone to take care of me, and find things when they are missing -- it never fails she always knows where its at."

White's sense of humor and caring are a few of the things that Wacek fell in love, and the list just grows from there.

"I love how much he cares about me, his cooking skills, his heart, his thoughtfulness . He is so sweet and romantic," she says.

The romantic side of White showed through for Wacek when he proposed.

"I had asked for a digital camera for Christmas and was really excited to get one," Wacek says.

"We went shopping and picked one out, and he told me that I didn't get to know what it was."
On Christmas Eve, the couple went to Wacek's parent's house to spend time with them, go to church, visit grandparents and then back home to open up gifts.

"I knew I was getting my digital camera but didn't get to open it until Christmas morning," Wacek says. "I was wondering why I had to wait. Earlier in the night, Jason had spent about an hour in my old bedroom on the computer writing a little note and getting the camera 'set-up' is what he told me."

When Christmas morning rolled around, Wacek was anxious as a kid to open gifts.

"Well, I had to wait until everyone was awake," Wacek says. "As soon as everyone was up Jason asked us to all gather in the living room, so I could open up my gift and stocking. I sat on the couch with him next to me and started to open my camera up. I wasn't expecting anything."

White proceeded to show Wacek how to operate the new camera and view pictures.

"The first thing I saw was a picture of the note he wrote, a picture of the ring, and then the note will you marry me?" Wacek says. "It was a huge surprise because he always told me that he would never do it on a birthday or a holiday as a gift."

Wacek and White live in Northwest Rochester with their beagle, Molly.

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