Monday, October 22, 2007

A long and lasting love

Their fates were sealed eight years ago when young Jason Jarrett and Cassania Lewis met at the Aquasol Theme Park in Montego Bay.

When Jason asked her name, the fun-loving Cassania replied, "If I tell you, I'll have to kill you."

Luckily, after the exchange of names, what resulted was not death but an undying devotion which culminated in their marriage on Sunday, September 9. The two developed a love based on an extraordinary friendship, which no doubt led Jason to propose in 2001. However, a number of reasons, such as Cassania leaving for university, prevented them from setting a date.

Later, Jason left for the United States of America, but neither time nor distance was able to keep this dedicated duo apart as they visited each other often and spent countless hours on the phone.

"He's soft spoken and has a big heart," said Cassania, a 23-year-old marketing representative at The Gleaner Western Bureau.

A beautiful daughter and five years later, the proposal was renewed. The couple was married in a small, private ceremony at the King's Seventh-day Adventist Church in Montego Bay, surrounded by close friends and family. The officiating minister was the Rev. Donovan Williams.
Her 27-year-old husband, Jason, district manager of Star Banner magazine, says his lovely wife is "caring and ambitious. From the first day we met, I saw her as the mother of my children".

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