Monday, October 8, 2007

How Do I Spice Up My Love Life?

If you have been in the same relationship for more than 2 years, you may want to spice things up in the bedroom a bit. Here are 5 tips to try.

1. Try a natural aphrodisiac: There a number of foods like oysters, avocadoes, chocolate, grapes, pine nuts, peas and asparagus which are said to hold natural powers to stimulate your partner's excitement. Experiment with some of these when you cook and see what works for the two of you.

2. Talk about what turns each other on: For both men and women, the verbal centers are very deeply connected with sexuality. Try talking about your fantasies or what you have done before. Before you know it, you could both be in a new state of arousal.

3. Film yourselves making love: This may have sounded too kinky to try 20 years ago, but in the home electronics era of today this is an increasingly common way for couples to stimulate themselves. Watch a clip of your lovemaking and then try the real thing.

4. Make more time for yourselves: When most couples plan their schedules, they do so independently, often baking in very little time for their relationship. Try setting aside an extra 20 or 30 minutes each evening just to sit and talk with your husband. If you can make this a regular thing, soon you may find yourself sneaking off to the bedroom during "talk time" instead.

5. Get a hotel: Changing the venue for your lovemaking can provide your love with a whole new horizon of possibilities as you see each other for the first time in a new light, both literally and figuratively.

The key to spicing up your love life is to shake things up a bit. As you spend more time together in new and unique situations, you will start taking each other for granted less and start making new discoveries together.

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