Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A happy woman share her interracial love

By Anna

I have 3 serious relationship,with one man i was engaged but our future was not good so i brokeup. For me the look is not important and i am not dificult person,i dont want too much but every time my love go down.i want to beleive in love but i am very disapointed and i dont know that is just for a cople of month or than come goood friendship whit sex.

On the wedding party of one of my friends, she let me try online relationship. I knew from her. After i complete to create my personal profle, i searched out many great serious single man in my city. I choose 35 men from them and send messages to them. Two days later, I received over 30 feedbacks from them. It make me happy. Two months later, I met my present boyfriend, Jack. He is a real good man to marry. Here i want to let all alone single know that you can be happier if you got a true love. Thanks all kind friends of mine.

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Anonymous said...

great story, brings out a message; 'there is hope'!