Thursday, October 11, 2007

Am I in love with my best friend?

Are you in love with your best friend, your very best friend of an opposite sex?

To be falling in love with your best friend whom is of the opposite sex is perfectly alright. There is definitely nothing wrong with that. You, falling in love with someone of an opposite sex; what wrong can there be? It is not that you are falling in love with your best friend whom is of the same sex? In fact, to put things in a nicer and more encouraging way, I would say that this could just be an establishment of a healthy love relationship.Well, how would you define a healthy love relationship? One, which both understand each other well; sharing a lot in common and nevertheless always enjoying that companionship of one another? Yup, these are without doubts few of the very key criteria to a healthy and successful love relationship. Similarly here, why would one become your best friend? Because the both of you get along very well, sharing a lot in common, always enjoying that presence of one another?

Now that your best friend is of the opposite sex, it is just very natural of you to actually be falling for him or her. And this is especially even so, when he or she is physically charming or attractive in the looks too. You are just very naturally reacting to your human emotions. It is just usual for one to be attracted by the opposite sex, especially when the both are also getting along very well with one another. Hmmm….? Slowly and unknowingly just falling for him or her as the time goes by… This should just be a very genuine feeling of real love, I should believe? Falling just further as you got to know him or her better… Now, Isn’t this a love more beautiful and meaningful compare to a love at first sight? But still, many have chosen to just keep their feeling to themselves for the fear of the possibility of ruining the whole friendship, hurting themselves just further each day.

Well, this can indeed be pretty tough a situation to be handling here. But still, I believe that one should always be fair to oneself. One should never deny himself or herself of his or her chances and especially of the chance, which may just be the answer to his or her happiness. And to be on the positive side; if you can be feeling something for him or her, why isn’t it just possible that he or she could be feeling the same for you too? This is certainly very possible. Perhaps he or she might be just waiting for you… In fact, many of the couples whom you see out there used to be the best of friends too before they are actually together. Now, there is no way you can ever just lie to yourself. Yes, you may be still putting on a smiling face in front of your that opposite gender best friend. But deep down within yourself, are you truly happy and satisfied with things? Or are you just feeling more and more miserable each day? Do honestly ask yourself. Think about it. Don’t you want to give things a try? Well, to be trying doesn’t necessarily mean asking you to just do a show hand. Remember, the both of you are afterall still best friends. There will be just plentiful of chances where you will get to be seeing him or her. You can simply make use of all these chances to slowly make known your feeling for him or her and at the same time, try to find out how he or she felt about you too.And you can nevertheless also work things around by trying to get him or her to like you, to fall in love with you instead. Remember, you already have the advantage of the means to easily be initiating and arranging for some very “couple” dates or activities; giving him or her some little hints, suggesting that idea of a possibility of things between the both of you… And maybe along time, he or she will just develop that something for you too?If you never try you can never know…

I know things may not be that easy for you. But you can definitely be trying in the smart way, which is not going to greatly affect or ruin the friendship. If things don’t really work out well, you both can just remain as friends. Well, at the very least, you will know that you have been fair to yourself by actually trying and have not denied yourself of that possible chance?

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