Monday, September 17, 2007

Young man demands money for dating woman

This is a story of how a middle-aged man impregnated the daughter of a General Overseer of a prominent Pentecostal church in a city in the South-South and later turned around to blackmail her by demanding for money.

According to the story, the pastor’s daughter was married but was still having an affair with this young man and she had been dating him for some time now.

Small Talks, however, learnt that this lady is right now in a state of dilemma as the guy is insisting that he be paid a large sum of money or he would spill the beans of their secret affair to her husband.

It was revealed that since the guy started requesting for the money, things had not been the same again in her home as she had not been able to pay the huge ransom.

For this reason, as the story goes, she stands the risk of losing the husband should the guy carry out his threat to make their affair public.

The lady who hails from a South-Western part of the country is said to be a young mother while her father is said to own a church located in one of the choicest areas of the city.

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