Friday, September 21, 2007

The taboo of interracial relationships-yes, dating!

Anastasia A. Melton

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of watching one of my favorite shows, Tyra. I love everything about Tyra Banks. I think she is a great role model for young girls and women. She is not afraid to speak up for things she strongly believes in. She is not afraid to get controversial. She is trying to make a difference and open our eyes to the world around us. Well, I was inspired to talk about a topic that many people are afraid to address.

That topic is interracial relationships. Insert horror film music here. You're probably asking yourself, "Did she really just go there?" You better believe it. I did just go there. I personally see nothing wrong with it, considering my own personal multi-faceted racial background.
There are many sides to this topic. It is not just one-race feels one-way and the other race feels another. Instead, some people from each race feel opposed to it, while other people from each race have no problem with it.

The question I want to ask is why are interracial relationships such a big deal? I mean if we really want to get technical here, shouldn't Germans only be with Germans, Egyptians only be with Egyptians, Chileans only be with Chileans, etc. If this were true, then there would be no United States of America. When people talk about interracial relationships, they are not talking about race. Instead, they are talking about skin color.

As much as it saddens me to say this, we still live in a world where you can still be judged by the color of your skin. When can people look at you and not notice the color of your skin? Yes, there are few of us that look past skin color, but when is the rest of the world going to?

"Diversity is the key to life, without it we would be a mindless drone of a single colored spectrum."- Unknown

You can't help who you fall in love with. It shouldn't matter if he's black, white, green, purple, or pink. Instead, he should understand you, treat you with respect, support you, and push you to be the best that you can be.

Artist Fred Nassiri perfectly says it through the World Peace Anthem:

"Love sees no color, no race, and no religion. We are the same as the rays from the sun. Love sees no color, no race, and no religion. Only through love can we live as one."

So, I challenge you to live a life not blinded by the color of skin. Instead see everyone for what they are on the inside. Don't judge others for breaking racial boundaries- instead support them.
Until next time, yours truly, Anastasia.

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