Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Same-sex marriage: 'A cruel imposter'

Same-sex marriage has become central in Iowa news recently. A judge overturned Iowa state law recognizing marriage as between only a man and woman. Since then, some have spoke in defense of that decision. The supporters of same-sex marriage often press their agenda by applying labels and assumptions upon those who oppose same-sex marriage.

We are either anti-gay, homophobic, irrational oppressors of human rights or enemies of equality. Indeed, some who oppose same-sex marriage do so out of hate. But the majority of Iowans are socially conservative. We are hard-working, patriotic, religious followers of tradition. That tradition, handed down through the Greeks, Romans, Judeo-Christianity and English was transplanted to American shores where it lives and breathes perhaps stronger than in its sources.

Loving and following our tradition, embedded firmly in our culture, is neither irrational nor oppressive. As the church teaches, homosexuals must be treated with dignity. We are to love them because they are our brothers and sisters - our countrymen. Marriage is not ours to change. It is the cornerstone of our inheritance - impervious to the whims and political attitudes of the times. Changing it to accommodate our friends is not being truthful to our tradition or honest with ourselves. Same-sex marriage is not the promise of equality. It is a cruel imposter.

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