Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Nearly half British Asians reject mixed race marriage

Nearly half of British Asians would only marry someone of their own race, according to a survey published Monday.

A total of 44 percent said they would not consider inter-racial marriage -- almost five times higher than the figure for white Britons, of whom nine percent said they would only marry within their race.

But 53 percent of Britons with Asian origins said they would not mind a mixed race marriage, compared to 87 percent for whites.

The survey, conducted by pollsters ICM for the BBC Asian Network, probed 500 people aged under 34 living in Britain but who had roots in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka. ICM also questioned 235 white people aged under 34.

It found that attitudes to dating were more liberal -- 53 percent of those with Asian roots said they would consider dating someone who was white and 44 percent a black person.

And they were more likely to have friends from different racial groups than whites -- 31 percent said all or most of their closest friends were from the same race compared to 69 percent of white people.

Bangladeshis were most likely to say most or all of their friends were from the same race, according to the survey.

Attitudes to homosexuality were strict, though -- 44 percent of people of Asian origin said they thought same sex relationships were immoral, compared to eight percent of whites.

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