Monday, September 10, 2007

interracial couple in modern day america

You think that in 2007 there wouldnt be any trouble with interracial couples anymores. but that is wrong. I am a white guy who likes to date girls of different races. I cant help the people i like. I have dated asian, latina, kurdish and now talking to this other girl who is mixed with some different things. It really pisses me off when my parents get on me and make fun of me because of it. always saying when am i gonna bring home a white girl and other things. They think its funny but it really isnt funny when my parents keep doing it over and over. recently i told them i was talking to this who was mixed and it was nice. I got pissed off cause they keep joking and i dont like it. But when i get mad at them, they turn it on me and get mad at me for getting mad at them and it's all bullshit. i wish that i could say hey i am dating this girl and my mom not say " so is she white" or "what race is this one" i wish she could say.. oh that awesome, what her name and whats she from. Just thought i would rant on here. thanks for reading

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