Thursday, August 2, 2007

Interracial marriages ammo for gay rights

Former Gov. Jeb Bush, the poster child for gay marriage?

How about Sen. Mel Martinez, the Florida Republican who once accused an opponent of playing to the "radical homosexual lobby?"

Neither of the politicians responded to requests for comment, but the groups say they hope to use the couples and the court case to bolster their contention that marriage is a civil right that should know no bounds - even for those of the same sex.

"We're honoring and celebrating something that just over 40 years ago some Americans said was immoral and wrong and could not happen," said Jimmy Creech, the executive director of Faith in America, a gay rights advocacy group which is bankrolling the ad campaign.

"We're celebrating the wisdom that prejudice and bigotry was removed from the law books and Americans were given the right to marry the person they loved, regardless of race."

Couples ...

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